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Lime Health

About Us

Lime Health brings innovative high quality supplements to you. All of our products are sourced by our Lead Nutritionist, Emma, who is also our Founder. Using her extensive industry experience and contacts she has sourced products that are manufactured to the highest standards using quality components.

At Lime we are passionate about bringing you healthy, ethical and nutritious products that work.

Providing a full distribution and e-commerce service for our partner clients we utilise both our in-house and outsourced business partners. Services cover brand management, marketing plans, in-store promotion as well as sales direct to both our B2B and B2C customer base.

“We ensure that all of our products are scientifically researched and clinically proven. Every ingredient is analysed and only those matching our integrity and rigorous manufacturing standards is listed with us.”

Our Brands

QSilica Colloidal Silica

North American Herb & Spice Company

Home Test Kits

Oreganol P73

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