Ferritin (Iron deficiency) Rapid Test


Ferritin (Iron deficiency) Rapid Test

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Iron Deficiency Test-

What it does?
Iron Deficiency Test tests levels of Ferritin in the blood – gives you an indication of a possible iron deficiency.
Who is it for?
Iron deficiency affects women more than men. The elderly, pregnant and breastfeeding women, vegetarians and vegans, and professional athletes most commonly suffer from iron deficiency.
Why would I want to do this test?
The MyBio? Iron Deficiency Test delivers a reliable, quick and clear answers to the question “Am I low in iron?” in the privacy of their own home.
Further Facts
Why do we need iron? Without enough iron, there aren’t enough red blood cells to transport oxygen, which leads to fatigue.
Early Diagnosis – Long-term iron deficiency can lead to anaemia. This means that your blood is not able to supply your cells and organs with sufficient oxygen.
Anaemia is characterized by paleness, fatigue, dizziness and weakness. In addition, some other symptoms such as brittle nails, cracked skin around the corners of the mouth, hair loss and headaches can occur. Low ferritin may also indicate hypothyroidism, vitamin C deficiency or celiac disease.
While this is a very common issue for females it is easily treated if you know you’re low in iron. It is thus important that women test regularly for Ferritin levels.

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