Vaginal pH Rapid Test


Vaginal pH Rapid Test

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Vaginal PH-

What it does?
Vaginal PH Test tests whether you have a bacterial or yeast infection.
Who is it for?
Vaginal infections are very common and a recurring problem among women of all age groups.
Why would I want to do this test?
The MyBio? Vaginal PH Test test is a quick and clear answer to the question “Do I have a vaginal infection?” in the privacy of their own home.
Further Facts
Vaginal PH? The vagina is a slightly acidic environment, with a PH of less than 4.5 – higher PH levels allow bacteria and yeasts to thrive.
Early Diagnosis – If you are experiencing unusual vaginal symptoms, such as itching, burning, a foul vaginal odour, or abnormal vaginal discharge early detection will help in treating successfully.
Vaginal infections are particularly dangerous for pregnant women.
An elevated pH (over 4.5) may suggest bacterial vaginosis particularly when accompanied by symptoms.

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