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Hormone balancing

ActiFEM 90 Caps

Women’s single formula which covers female health needs, supporting the hormone system and more. ActiFEM is just that formula. A complex of royal jelly, wild Atlantic kelp, wild raspberry leaves, fenugreek, and fennel creates the ideal single formula you require. To support a healthy hormone response, metabolism & mood response make use of it. Take it daily for a whole body health response. Nothing works for the body and cells like whole food and whole herbal complexes.

Ashadrene 60 caps

Ashadrene 60 capsules.

Ashadrene 60ml

Ashadrene 60ml – Wild, organic whole food Ashwagandha extract with 3x raw Royal Jelly & Oreganol P73.

Potent extract for energy, hormone & adrenal support.

SureSign Menopause Test (2 tests)

Suresign Menopause (FSH) Rapid Test

Suresign UTI Test

Urinary Tract Infections Rapid Test